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A - Camping at the event venue (Montezuma County Fairgrounds) is free and opens starting the Thursday afternoon before the race and closes the Monday morning following the race.  The camping area is generous and spots are first come first serve.  There are limited RV spaces (electric and water only) available for $100.00 for the weekend.  These sites are also first come first serve. There are no RV dumps on premises.


Q - Where/when do I pick up my Race #

A - Packet Pickup locations

  • Kokopelli Bike and Board in Cortez - Race Weekend Friday  Noon - 5 PM

  • Montezuma County Fairgrounds - Race Weekend Friday  7 PM - 9 PM

  • Montezuma County Fairgrounds - Race Day Saturday* LIMITED  6 AM - 6:30 AM & after 7:15 AM

 *We understand some folks cannot make it to Friday Packet Pickup so we offer Saturday pickup. We do not           recommend picking up your packet on Saturday especially if you are racing the first lap.

Q - How do I change my team name?

A - We need to make this change for you.  Please email us with your first and last name, your current team name, the new team name,and a phone number (just in case).

Note: You must first register as a Team Captain and create a Team Name before we can change the name.


Q - Team Captains - How do I change my teammates (i.e. injured teammate, date conflict, etc.)

A - Your teammates need to register as Team Members.  If they are unable to race, they can transfer their entry to a new Team Member.


Q - Team Captain -  I am unable to race what do I do?

A - We can transfer your Team Captain entry to a new participant.  Please send us an email.

Q - How do I create a new Team Name? My Team Name is not listed what do I do?

A - Only Team Captains create a team name when they register (Team Members cannot create a team name.)  The category may be Sold Out. Confirm the Team Name that your Team Captain created when they registered.


Q - I can't race what can I do?

A - You can transfer your registration to a new participant.  You will need to work out the registration fee with the new participant.  Reach out to us when you are ready to make the transfer and we will help you navigate the transfer.


Q - Do you offer refunds or deferments?

A - We do not offer refunds or deferments, but we do offer current year transfers to a new participant.

   1. If you do not have a replacement, please post your entry on our website Message Board.

   2. Contact us when you are ready to make the transfer.

Q - Do you allow Class/Category Transfers?

A - If you have an entry or are looking to buy an entry we will change the entry to match what is desired by the            new participant, or current participant. Examples:

Solo Geezer to Solo Male

3-4 Female to 3-4 Co-Ed

      We can also change up or down, but we won't split or issue refunds and additional fees may apply. Examples:

Duo to Solo (no refund)

Solo to Duo (additional fees due)

3-4 Team to Duo or Solo (no refund)

NO - 3-4 Teams split into two Duo Teams, etc.


Q - What are the rules regarding Coed teams? How many men, how many women?

A - Each team must have a completed lap by one man and by one woman. 


Q - Is there a minimum number of laps that each team member needs to complete? 

A - At least one! 


Q - Is racer age based on race day or age by December 31st?

A - Age on Race Day. 


Q - What is the minimum age?

A - We do not have a minimum age.  We do require that the youth be able to complete the entire course on                    his/her own without being a hazard to him/herself and/or other riders.  Parents/guardians are responsible            for determining whether or not their child is equipped to race and still have fun.


Q - Can I ride with my teammate or racer?

A - We request only registered racers ride on the course.  We also request that teammates not ride together.  We        base our registration caps on the number of racers on course at any given time.  Riding with your teammates        increases that max number and can amplify course congestion. 


Q - How long is the course and is there a map? 

A - The course is just about 16.4 miles. Here is a link to the race map, which you can download as a PDF. 


Do you have a question not answered above, or need clarification? Please shoot us an email here.  Please include your name, phone number and double check your email address.



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