RACE DAY IS SATURDAY,  MAY 8th 2021   7 AM - 7 PM


2021 Race Course will be the traditional course that includes Stinking Springs.


Race Day Countdown

Download Map Course here! 


​Jan 15, 2021 - Invite Only to 2020 Registrants

- Ends on Feb 4, 2021 or when Sold Out -

Feb 5, 2021 - Open to Public


Registration Opens @ 8 AM (All classes)*

*Team Member Registration Opens at Noon

All times are Mountain Time


 3-4 Team                  $360

  • 3-4 Co-Ed

  • 3-4 Female

  • 3-4 Geezer (avg. age 50 and up on race day)

  • 3-4 Male

  • 3-4 SingleSpeed Open


 3-4 Family                 $320

*New Category*

  • 3-4 Family

    • Team must have at least 1 Grown-up and 1 U-19.

    • Grown-up max = 2 participants

    • U19 max = 3 participants

    • Team max = 4 participants


 3-4 Grommet               $280

  • 3-4 Grommet Boys (U19 on race day)

  • 3-4 Grommet Girls (U19 on race day)

  • 3-4 Grommet Co-Ed (U19 on race day)


 DUO                    $200

  • Duo Co-ed

  • Duo Female

  • Duo Geezer (avg. age 50 and up on race day)

  • Duo Male

  • Duo SingleSpeed Open


SOLO                    $110

  • Solo Female

  • Solo Geezer

  • Solo Male

  • Solo SingleSpeed Open


Team Member        $0*

  • Register after Team Captain registers.

  • Register before March 15th.

  • *$10 Late Fee begins March 15th.

  • *Also includes participant transfers.


12 Hours of Mesa Verde – Refund Policy

The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde has a No Refunds Policy.  No refunds will be given if our event is canceled due to, but not limited to, weather, pandemic, natural disaster, government orders, etc. The No Refund Policy also applies if you are unable to race.  We allow same year registration transfers to a new participant, but we will not refund your registration or allow a transfer to a future race.

COVID-19 2021 Event Cancellation Refund Policy Exception – If our 2021 event is canceled due to COVID-19 we will offer all registrants a full refund less registration processing fees.  Registrants will be required to complete a refund request form to initiate the refund process.  Registrations without a refund request form completed will be considered donated.  This is an exception to our Refund Policy and is effective only if our 2021 Event is canceled due to COVID-19 and does not apply to any individual cancellations.

Registration and Team Instructions 



  • Team Captain Registration includes their participant registration, creation of the team name and payment of the entire team fee.  This all occurs simultaneously under the Team Captain registration. All remaining Team Members will still need to register.

  • The Captain pays the team entry fee.  No additional fees are paid by the Team Members unless they register after March 14th.

  • After securing a team entry, the Captain invites their Team Members to register for their team under the team name created by the Captain.

  • Team Member additions and transfers completed before March 15th are free.

  • Late Registration begins March 15th and a $10 late fee will apply.


  • Your Team Captain will contact you with your team name.

  • Use the link provided in the email from your Captain or click on the Register Here button above to go to imATHLETE. 

  • Select Team Member and proceed with your registration.  Choose the team name provided by your Captain.

  • Register by March 14th (no additional fees.)

  • Late Registration begins March 15th and a $10 late fee will apply. 


Activities will be available for the kiddos from 10 AM – 3 PM.

The Kids race starts promptly at Noon.

Register on race day starting at 11 AM



Kids activities take place at the kids table in the building unless otherwise posted.


All kids activities are free.


Any donations made on race day will be greatly appreciated.


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